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  Free Preview! The Low FODMAP Diet Protocol Explained
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"Thank you, Carrie. This is all amazing, just so helpful. I have attempted the Low FODMAP diet a couple of times now, always unsuccessfully.

If I’m being honest I have also always believed it was an impossible diet. Whoever heard of eliminating healthy foods before and our vegetarian/vegan stables at that! I knew the reasons in theory but never really understood them until your clear and discerning explanations. Coupled with your own experience I felt finally, someone who can make sense of it all, show me a how to implement this diet and provide information and real support on every aspect and step of this journey.

So this time, with your guidance, I am 19 days into the elimination stage. I have had two slip ups (which I have used as further evidence and motivation to continue, again thanks to your understanding that this may occur and addressing it in the program) and still I have for the first time in 12 years started to experience a healthy gut along with easing symptoms.

Now that I am more educated, beginning to get results and remember what it was like not to have these digestive issues, I am also beginning to be able to notice what it really is that affects my gut..... it’s no longer just everything I consume. Carrie, you truly are a gift to all of us struggling with gut health and trying to navigate this Low FODMAP diet. I am so grateful I found The Wild Gut Project..... you cover and understand absolutely everything!"

- Jody, Geelong, Australia

"The information you have given us here in Your Wild Gut Project and on your YouTube channel is absolutely invaluable. FODMAP was my final option after years of trying EVERYTHING (most of which included high FODMAP foods -- ugh, I was "poisoning" myself!!) FODMAP restrictions are hard enough, but then take out the meat, and my head was spinning. I am thankful every day for finding you -- I honestly have never felt overwhelmed since that point. So thank you thank you!!!"

- Kristi Gould, Los Angeles, California

At Least 10% of the profits are donated to Evidence Action's "Deworm The World" Initiative

One of the top, high-impact charities in the world, as calculated by GiveWell.Org

" More than 836 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infections worldwide. A significant body of evidence shows that deworming works to improve children’s health, well-being, education, and long-term economic future.” - The WHO, 2016

As IBS sufferers, I think we can all relate to the disruption an upset stomach has had on our lives, except it probably didn’t also lead to anaemia, malnourishment, and impaired mental and physical development!

Sadly, even though it's so easy & cheap to treat, it's still endemic in some of the worlds poorest countries. This is why I'm pledging at least 10% of the profits to help pay for deworming treatment programmes around the world.

"Bundles" To Guide You Through Your Wild Gut Profect

The Tame Your Gut Bundle: The Elimination Phase Guide

- A thorough guide to the diet protocol with a verified meal plan.

The Organised Bundle: Practical Meal Planning and Prepping for low FODMAP Vegans!

- full of prep-able and freezable recipes!

The Discovery Bundle - Part 1: Demystifying Re-Challenges

- with video recipes, straight-forward guides for each challenge and a detailed video diary of my challenging beans so you can see it in action.

The LowFODMAP-afy Bundle

- How to make any recipe lowFODMAP and not lose the taste.

ReWild Your Gut Bundle:

-How To Promote A Healthy Gut Microbiome while eating a modified-lowFODMAP diet.

The Discovery Bundle - Part 2

- How to successful reintroduce FODMAPs into your diet and discover your personalised Modified-LowFODMAP Diet with Jenna Haworth, RD.

Your Instructor

Carrie Gill
Carrie Gill

When I first learnt about FODMAPs, I had had IBS for 7 years and would pretty much do anything to make it stop. Embarrassing and unpleasant trips to the loo, missing social plans because of cramps and having to wear loose clothing to hide my bloated stomach. Obviously, previous advice to “be less stressed” and eat more fibre wasn’t doing the trick. Andunfortunately, it all got a lot worse when I went vegan.

Frantically googling FODMAPs, it clicked… I had been eating beans, garlic and apples pretty much every single day!

I studied Biomedical Sciences to MSc so I felt pretty confident in researching and understanding everything I needed, but all the contradicting and meat-focused advice out there was a nightmare to trawl through. (Thankfully I did have some help from a dietician, but it’s a long wait to see them in the UK and it wasn’t very vegan-focused).

I’ve also always been really into cooking and even got to work with some professional plant-based chefs last year, so again I thought “I can handle this!”. But then the limited portion sizes were so complicated and all my to-go foods were off-limits.

Honestly, I felt quite angry that I had to eat such tiny, boring meals when I’d been trying to be so hard to be ethical and healthy.

After a few false starts, I decided to start a YouTube channel for motivation and help other vegans in the same position… it’s made me quite obsessed with studying this diet and understanding the different challenges everyone is facing.

For months now I've been getting messages from people struggling with various aspects of the diet. Either not managing to commit to the elimination phase because it’s too hard and isolating on their own, or those totally lost in the masses of contradicting information online. Or worse, people trying it, feeling better, but being too scared to cook proper meals with a variety of healthy ingredients or start the Re-Challenge Phase. I can totally relate, I’ve been there! I do my best to write useful replies or make relevant YouTube videos but I know I could do more… so, after a lot of consideration, I’ve created this Your Wild Gut Project! I feel very strongly that as people attempting to help others with your food choices, you deserve an easy, fun journey back to good health.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions xx


I know this diet can be pretty overwhelming at the start and difficult to stay motivated for towards the end, so if you'd like the extra, personal support I'm here for you!

What you get:

  • Three voice or video calls to prepare you for the elimination, re-challenge and reintroduction phases. I'll help make sure you fully understand the next steps and have strategies to overcome the challenges of the diet.
  • Personal support whenever you need via email/WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger (9-6pm GMT for 4 months)
  • I will create 5 low FODMAP vegan recipes, specially designed for you, to fit your lifestyle, tastes and preferences.
  • Weekly check-in messages with me, to keep you motivated and on track

  • Lifetime access to all Your Wild Gut Project and the private Facebook Group
The Private Coaching Package is a one-off payment of $198 USD (+VAT)

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What If It Doesn't Work For You?

One of the biggest problems with this diet is that it's a lot of work at first. It can seem almost too hard to start. Especially as we know it will only improve symptoms for 75-80% of IBS sufferers. What if you're in that 25% and it's all wasted effort? But then what if you're not, what if it transforms your health and quality of life?!

A huge problem I have is that I can't be there in person and push you to take action. To give it a real go, and find out for sure.

So I want to give you an extra incentive...

I will refund you 100% if you eat lowFODMAP for 2 weeks and don't notice any improvement, within 30 days of your purchase. So you have to take action soon!

Within a few days of getting to grips with eating lo-fo, my stomach cramps subsided. At two weeks I was no longer uncomfortably bloated. Things have continued to improve since then, but it was those first two weeks when I could tell I was genuinely onto something.

We're all different, but you should notice some improvement within a fortnight if you are sensitive to FODMAPs.

If there's no difference, I'll refund you. You won't have to give up, just keep working with your dietician to identify food and lifestyle triggers, know that at least you tried and ruled out one option.